Dear kiddos, Please realize that there’s more to life than getting your friends to rate you from 1-10 on Facebook. You’re prettier and more handsome than a number could ever rate you. Please realize that there is more to life than “TBH” (to be honest) posts on Facebook. The truth is, we should always be […]

Today, I’m basically here to vent on a subject that I am very passionate about. Tell me something, when did this getting married thing become such a phenomenon? And ironically enough, when the heck did the “D” word become such a phenomenon? As Brian and I approach marriage, I’ve done a whole heck of a lot […]

“Here’s to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.” I follow along with a blog,, and they often write posts showing their gratitude for things occurring in their life, and how when they notice the little things (or the big things) and show their thankfulness for the circumstances, it helps you to be […]

Being still. That is something that I rarely do these days. My schedule, on a typical week, includes the following: I get up around 6:45am. I go to school from 8am-3:15pm. I go straight to work and I get off at 8pm. I usually eat dinner out or at home, and then Brian and I […]

Do you ever get so frustrated because you can’t control your situation? Or, do you ever have anxiety about your current situation? …All of my hands are raised, (that made it sound like I have more than two hands, truth: I don’t) I don’t want to get in to any personal details, but every thing […]

Yesterday, Sunday, my favorite day. Lately, a typical Sunday would be: Waking up, going to church, eating lunch with Brian and his family, and the rest of the afternoon involves doing homework and cleaning my room/doing laundry until night church/dinner out with friends. Yesterday’s Sunday, not all of this was true. PTL! (sidenote:) I’m house/dog sitting once […]

wan·der·lust: A strong desire to travel. Lately, my little adventurous soul just wants to explore. Explore in all kinds of ways. Explore little areas, explore close by, explore far away. Just adventure and explore. Pinterest and different blogs that I visit and follow make my heart just soar into another atmosphere. So much inspiration, so little time, so […]