Dear everyone who’s reading this,

So, today I’m startin to read this book called Forgotten God by Francis Chan. Just by reading the title, it sucks me in and captures my attention. I read his other book, Crazy Love. It rocked. I definitely recommend it to all of you. Anyway. Let’s think about the title. Forgotten God? Kinda comes off as a shocker, right? At least to me it did. If you reflect on our world, it’s a true statement. It seems as if we’ve forgotten about our God in most cases, with some exceptions. With the title of a “Christian,” even. When someone is a “Christian” nowadays it’s got the circumstances of this most likely: Well. I go to church. I raise my hands during worship. Oh! I wear my purity “True Love Waits” ring. I say my prayer before my meal each and every meal. And! I even volunteer some of my time to help in the nursery at my church! Duh. I’m a Christian. Even though, I take my purity ring off while I’m messing around with my boyfriend. I go to church to hangout with my friends, and because it’s the cool place to be on Sundays with all of my friends. And when I volunteer my time at church, I get to hangout with my friends even more! And I get to add those hours to my college application. And ohhh, I get to see that cute boy. Oh man, he’s so great..And so is my boyfriend. Oh, and that boy in my math class. Ah, God is so great, too..

Yeah. That doesn’t even begin to describe what a Christian is. That is the typical “Christian.” It kinda sickens me to even call them a Christian. But that’s what it means these days to people. I have adopted the title “God follower” for myself, not Christian. Yes I’m the Bible’s version of a Christian, or strive to be. But, not what this world’s standards of what a Christian is. No thank you.

To be a true Christian:

            You gotta have faith in our God. When times get hard, lean on Him. Sure, friends and family, boyfriends, girlfriends are all awesome people who are right in front of you. But something I’ve learned is that you gotta lean on God. Those people could get up and walk away at any given time and you’re left with nothing. I kinda learned that the hard way.. Depending on someone down here is way too much pressure for that person, and even on you when they’re up and gone. Just rely on God. He’ll get ya through what is thought to be the impossible.

            You gotta read and memorize our God’s word. The Bible. It rocks my face off every time I read it. Something new and awesome just hits me in the face every time. I can’t even begin to explain how much my heart’s been changed by reading His words of encouragement to all of us wittle people here on Earth. It’s crazy cool! And by memorizing it.. Wait ‘til that day you’re trying to share your faith with a friend, stranger, etc. and what’s gonna happen when there isn’t a Bible around? Or internet? Or a pastor? Or Sunday school teacher? Or you’re “Christian friends”? Huh? What’s gonna happen? Oh, wait. You’re pretty much screwed. And ya loose a chance to share with someone who probably really needed ta hear it. If ya have some verses memorized, BAM. It’s gonna happen. They’re gonna hitcha like a baseball bat hits the baseball. Real hard and quick. And you’ll be able to do what we’re all told to do. Share our God’s words!

            Speaking of, above, you gotta be willing to take a stand for our God each and every time it’s necessary to do so! Whether it’s when a person is dissing Him, you gotta step up and defend Him. If you get made fun of for doing something “Godly,” so?? Do it anyway! Take a stinkin’ stand for what you supposedly believe in. Let other’s know about the love you have for our God. Out loud. Don’t be soft-spoken about Him. He’s too stinkin’ great to keep quiet about, what I, this past year, have finally realized.

            You gotta give your life to God. Let HIM be in charge. Not you. Ya, you might like that wicked hot guy in your math class, but is it what God wants you to do? Or, you might wanna be a rockstar and sing on stage for all of California to hear. And tour the world with all of your late night concerts while you live the “good life.” But is that what God’s calling you to do? Ya just gotta give it all up to Him. Something I’ve learned.. If YOU try to plan your life. It’s just gonna sink and not be anything good. Bad news bears, pretty much. But if ya let Him in the driver’s seat, and you take the passenger seat. And all travel through life together, it’ll be so much more awesome and enjoyable on your end and His. And you’ll never have to think “Is this right? Is this ok?” Because if it’s God’s plan for you, it’ll always be right and ok!!

            When you do wrong, and sin? Repent. Repent. Repent. This means to ask God’s forgiveness. He WILL forgive you. You just gotta ask! Nothing is too big and overdone for Him not to forgive ya. He even promises all of us this!

            Pray. Good times, bad times. Just do it. Act like you’re talking to God. Give Him your praises. Your struggles. Tell Him about your day he blessed you with! I am sometimes scared to pray out loud in front of crowds, and everyone kinda  knows that now. But what I’ve heard from all of them is, “Just act like you’re talking to a friend. Just carry on a conversation with Him. He’ll love it, and even if it sounds like poop and mumble jumble out loud, He knows what’s on your mind and in your heart!” How cool is that?! That’s what I think anyway. So now I’m a little better and more comfortable with praying with others and out loud! Just try it! It’s killer and feels so good!

Tell God thanks, be appreciative of all the blessings we have in our lives. He has given us so many things, so many blessings. Just take your time to tell Him thanks!

Devote some of your day to quiet times with Him. Pray. Read the Bible. Worship. Any of those will work with quiet times. Even if it requires you to be in your favorite place, locked down, with no sound. If that makes you feel close with God, go for it!

Use some self control, people. Really? Cussing isn’t right. Having sex before marriage isn’t right. Cheating, not cool. Lying? Nope. Homosexual? Naa. Etc. If any of these things happen in your day to day life, just repent. Remember, God forgives! I’ve had my share of not using self control. It just leads to dumb situations, and makes you feel bad. It stinks. Use self control from now on. It’ll rock ya world.

When you raise your hands in worship, does that mean you are doing it because it feels right in your heart and you love God? Or is it something you do to look cool at church around your Christian friends? Think about why you’re doing it, and make sure it’s for the right reason.

Show some stinkin’ love for one another! Be a friend to the friendless. Give encouragement to people who need it. Rub off some of your Christian on someone else. Send someone a nice card, letter, Facebook wall post, etc. Wish someone a happy day! Tell them you love them. Reconcile with your relationships that need mending. All of you, read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7:

(Here ya go in case ya wanna read it now) 4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. What a perfect example in the Bible of LOVE! That’s true love. Show people true love. And it doesn’t even have to be your girlfriend, boyfriend. It can be anyone. “Love is the Movement” is how the saying goes. It’ll be awesome when you just love on people. It’ll change things tremendously. Maybe not in a second, but it eventually will.

Also, being a Christian means you’ve asked our Jesus Christ to come into your heart and live inside of you forever! It means you are doing all of the above and more, and striving to be like our perfect God. Just doing whatever you can to be the best that you can be for Him. He loves that. If He lives in you, show it! Live it out.

Yall, this has been on my mind for awhile. Just felt like I needed to get this out there. I have tons more to add, but my fingers cannot type anymore tonight.

Point Blank: Don’t make our God a Forgotten God. Make Him known through your lives, make Him known in this lost world of ours. I’ll do it if you will. I double dog dare ya

Love, Chelsie.


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