“Forever Love”

“You are my forever love..
From the bottom of my heart I’ll sing to You
From the depths of who I am I love You
With everything inside I’ll run to You
‘Cause all that I’ve become I owe to You
You are my forever love..
Nothing in this world could ever separate us
I will love You more than anyone on earth
Nothing I desire could ever satisfy me the way that You do”
-Forever Love, by Francesca Battistelli.

I know when we think of love, we usually tend to think of love relationship wise.
(Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, children, friend, family kinda love)
BUT there is a greater love out there. That is stronger than any other kinda love. AND! It’s forever, for reals. Boyfriends/Girlfriends buy you all kinds of stuff with the word “forever” written on it, they prolly tell you all the time “what we have, it’ll be forever..” Usually it doesn’t last-well, I guess I mean if you’re young. When husbands and wives say “Forever” they are SUPPOSED to mean it, but sometimes they end it anyway. Family can turn against you, friends can always come and go, even if they are your “BFF” hah, it doesn’t always mean forever. Forever is God’s love. We should know that HIS love is forever. And not everyone’s is. He thinks you are perfect in every way. Not just when you’re at your best, or when you’re giving Him all of your time, he ALWAYS thinks you are just the greatest. We should treat Him like we know that He loves us. We should want to sing from the bottom of our hearts, and from the depths of who we are we should want to love him, and run to him always, and just give our lives all up to him. He deserves it, not some dumb five minute boyfriend/girlfriend or some relationship that can always flake on ya.
I’ve learned as time goes by, He’s the only one that is always there for me. People tell me all the time “I’m always there for you!!” But when I send ‘em a text, they don’t text back. Or if they are frustrated at me they don’t wanna talk. That’s not forever, and always. That’s when THEY are ready.
I mean, I’ve spent time on friends AND boys who are gone the next day, who have said forever, and I believed them for SOME reason? Lameeee. Hah, but yeah. God’s love is for real! Not fake!
He will ALWAYS be there for us. And he’s always ready to help and ready for us to love him. We should show him the love he DESERVES. His love should be enough, it should satisfy us. Without having to look for another person, or thing, to help us cope with the loss we feel.
GOD can fill that hole, he can satisfy our hearts.
Somethin’ I’m starting to finally grasp ahold, and thought I’d share!

Hope everyone is having a great day

<3 Chels.


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