Heyy world, it’s me, Chelsie..

Soo.. Is it just me or are we TOO influenced by media and by social networking, and by just others in general?

I’ve been realizing lately that a lot of my beliefs and come from what I’ve always been taught, what I’ve always heard, what I’ve always watched, and basically just what others have always said. I read all of these sassy Tweets from Tweeters like “TheSingleWoman” and “iSpeakfemale” and “TheQuoteWhore”. They all throw out really deep quotes sometimes, but other times they can be out of line. And sometimes it takes some deep thinking to realize that hey, that’s not what I personally believe in. For example, when they say sassy things about boys just to boost up our (girls’) egos, or confidence. I believe in that junk, for about five seconds and then forget it. When all along, I shouldn’t be following up what they’re saying, but what GOD says, and I should be “following” God, “mentioning” God. His word should be more precious to me than what some “quote whore” says. Not to mention I am not single, I don’t even know how to speak female-cause I’m pretty sure I am awful at thinking girly, AND the “quote whore” just sounds dirty.. It’s really frustrating when it comes down to it. I shouldn’t be so in tune with junk like that if I can’t be in tune with God first and foremost. And to be honest, I’m slackin a lot there lately in that area. And I don’t think I’m the only one. I bet most of you reading this could agree with me, that we let the media and the world influence our beliefs, or we have before, or somewhere in the future it’ll happen. I think that’s what God also means when he tells us to “guard our hearts, cause it’s the wellspring of life.” I’ve written a blog on that verse once or maybe twice, but.. I think guarding our hearts also means our minds. He wants us to block out these lies and put truth in. Let HIM in. And that’s something that is hard to do when we’re so focused on “what does that person think?” or “ooooh look at this Tweet! Gosh, that sure did brighten my day and turn my crappy attitude into an overly confident one.” Ya know? Anyone else agree, and is anyone else having this problem? Haha

If we just ask God to take control, He’ll help us do what it takes to follow and mention Him. He will help us get enough strength to either delete, unfollow, or better yet just believe what YOU believe, and not what others tell you to. If you believe in God, that’s what you believe. He is truth. His word is truth. And when we say we believe in Him, we believe in His word too. It’s pretty straight forward, you’ll never be overly confident, and it’s always there to give you a good pick-me-up. He knows best. I pray all of us start abiding and following! :)


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