Cheers to the New Year and new things.

Since this part of year is all about “changing” things, and in with the new out with the old, it’s got me thinking. A lot actually.

I’m thinking about changing my major, and if that’s not scary enough, switching schools, and if that’s not scary enough, going to school in a completely different state. With a completely different occupation in mind. 

I’ve always been more of the free spirit, do as I please, go with the flow type of girl. It’s just who I am. If I don’t like school as much as I do right now, how in the world am I supposed to be there every day and teach it as a career? Those little kids aren’t gonna wanna be at school just as much as I don’t wanna be at school right now.

Ever since 9th grade, the first year I took Cosmetology, I’ve been hooked. I absolutely love it. I took classes for three years at my old high school- until I moved. They didn’t have it at my new school as an elective so I just stopped. That passion was still there, though. But all I had left to do with it was my friends’ hair/makeup or to practice on my own self. I’ve been thinking a lot about it (again) and so have my parents. What if I go to Cosmetology school? In Tallahassee? And become a hair dresser? At some cool salon? That sounds like my kinda future right there.

I’ve also been thinking about becoming a baker and owning my own bakery. A little cupcake bakery. I’d want it to be simple- but delicious as all get out. I bake almost every day, even if I don’t always eat it, someone does and they always eat every last bite. I’ve been told so many times lately they can see me being a baker.

Is this what God wants outta me? To be a Cosmetologist? I’ve always thought so, even in the back of my mind behind my “kindergarten teacher” dream. Or does God want me to become a professional Cupcake-er? Haha. With all of these ideas flying through my head, and my parents being so supportive of all of them, I just don’t know what God wants me to do. I’m starting to pray, and I know He has SUCH big things for me for the future. I just need to proceed with following His plan for my life, and continuing my (what could be) last semester at Valdosta State. I can’t wait to see where God takes me in 2012- how about you? :) Happy New Year, yall! 


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