So today I went with my church, Crosspointe, to a women/kids home called Lamp. They stay there for a somewhat short period of time before they can find a real home. These women and children are husbandless/daddyless. The place they live in is nothing that I would ever call a “home.” It reminds me of the camp we stay at in Puerto Rico- they have poorly made bunk beds, all in one room, old couches, an old tv, and everyone lives in the same building- meaning there’s a lot of room sharing going on.

Sometimes, I forget all about other people and how nice I have it. I doubt they get to just take a shower whenever they’d like- You know how many showers I had yesterday? THREE. Who in their right mind just takes three showers? I mean, if you’re dirty… Whatever. All I did yesterday was go to church, come home and lay in my hammock to take a nap, and then I went back to college only to study and to go out for Steak n Shake. Why in the world did I need to take three showers? Today my heart was just broken for these families and single women. They don’t have the same comfort that I have. These kids were full of joy. Now, I’m not sure if that’s how they are on a normal basis or not, but tonight when our group was playing with them, they sure were filled with all kinds of joy!

With how many blessings I have, why in the world am I not full of joy? These kids hardly have anything to call their own, and they were just so joyful tonight. I have everything and MORE, and I find myself with a crappy attitude sometimes.

It’s kinda disgusting, in my opinion. It makes me sick of how many things I’m blessed with, yet I take them all for granted.

Lamp… In the dictionary, lamp is defined as “a device for giving light.” This place is there to bring a hope and light to these women and children. When I left there, all I wanted to do was do the same thing. I wanted to share with them that God’s is our lamp.. Psalm 119:105 says,

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

I wanted to share with them that when they need hope, and when they don’t know where their life will take them next, that when they look to God, he will light up their life, and when they walk with God, He will light their path and give them a sense of hope and direction. They were such a blessing to me today, and I hope to do the same for them.

All of this reminded myself, actually, of all of this truth. Why in the world look to anything or anyone else for guidance? God will light my path and give me a direction for my future to go, and I should follow Him. He will bless me for it, and while doing this my life will constantly be a light burning brightly for Him.


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