This or that.

An update on where God is taking me currently:

I’m currently in the process of wrapping up life in Valdosta. I gave my two week notice in at the daycare last week, so only one more week of working in Val. I have to be moved out of my house in Val by July 15. WHAT. That’s 19 days. My journey to become a cosmetologist will begin on August 21. That’s not even two months away.

All of this is depressing, and somewhat exciting. I know God’s got a greater thing in mind for me than to live and go to school in Valdosta, so that’s comforting.

I’m still not sure how I feel about moving back in with my parents, though, and going from tons of friends to only a handful. But it’s working out and I’m okay with it.

Speaking of friends, I have made a handful of awesome, Godly friends in Thomasville already. I’ve been blessed, to say the least. They’re just what I was praying I’d find while living there. I could never replace all of the wonderful friends I’ve made in Valdosta, but they are still so incredible! God knew just who I needed as I was making this huge transition.

I’m so thankful for the trials and the struggles I’ve been faced with over this summer. They’ve already shaped me more than I could imagine.

Also, speaking of things that God’s doing in my life, the last few days the Lord has really laid patience on my heart. Patience in all aspects of my life. Through friendships, through relationships, through trials, through family matters.. ALL of it. The willingness to find God through a moment and to rely only on Him constantly through the waiting.. Having faith. Being patient. It’s all so important as a Christian. I love that the Lord keeps on reminding me of this concept, and also that He will never leave me through all of the waiting and hoping I’ve had to do lately. He knows best, and He will provide me with what’s best if I rely on Him. How incredible is that? So comforting.

I sometimes find myself asking myself, “This or that?” Which decision should I choose? When really, all I have to do is rely on God and He will boldly say which one to go for, and He will provide a way for it to happen.

I pray that each of you reading this finds comfort in His Presence today, and every day. It is vial and it is so important.

Have a nice Tuesday, friends!



  1. Emily Layne · · Reply

    Chelsie you are such an encouragement! I know that God is going to bless you wherever He leads you! I love you and will miss seeing you in Valdosta <3

    1. Aww Emily!! I’m just seeing this. How nice of you!! I’m SO gonna miss you, too! Especially helping out in middle school! But God’s got great things in store for the both of us! I’ll be visiting, and I’d love to see you! I hope your summer has been awesome! Miss you!! Thanks for being an encouragement to ME <3

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