Whistling my way to work..

On my way to work this morning,  instead of my usual country playlist, I decided to go with “Passion 2012 album radio” on my Spotify app on my iPhone. It takes a minute to get it to load (Lord knows why, we’re in 2012 people! Haha), which is why I hardly ever choose to do so. I usually just hit up the CD I have already in my car. ANYWAY.

The first song that came on was “Vision of You” by Shane & Shane. I had never heard it before, but it was a mighty powerful song to say the least. I looked up the lyrics a few minutes ago when I got a moment without the phone ringing off the hook (yall, this new job is CHAOTIC! But I do love it and I’m so thankful for it.) These lyrics were really what I needed..

Awaken what’s inside of me
Tune my heart to all You are in me

The past couple days, I’ve just felt like others have brought me down, and they’ve really gotten to me. I found myself in tears last night over it. Sometimes I just need to step back and remember it’s not always what others think is wrong with you that is actually wrong- it’s what GOD convicts you of, that you really need to work on. Others have really brought me down, and made me question things about myself. My prayer is that the Lord will awaken what’s inside of me, to bring Him glory through all I do. I pray that He’ll tune my heart so close to His, and we’ll be so insync, that every step I step will be for the Lord, that every word I speak will be of the Lord, that every breath I breathe will be FOR the Lord. Are yall with me? That He will guide me in every situation so that I will be in according to His will, and that I will bring Him glory. It’s tough to live a life that radiates the Lord all the time. We can only do it with His help. It’s tough to always have the right mindset, and to not be brought down by temptation or by others. Sometimes it’s really easy to lose sight of the Lord, and of how you’re supposed to act as a Christian. I pray that the Lord will help me keep in tune with Him. He is the ultimate uplifter, and I am so thankful that He boosted my spirits this morning.

The second song that came on was “God Be Praised” by Elevation Worship. It, too, was a powerful song. Once again, when I got to work I continued to look up the lyrics to this song after I looked up the ones to the first song that played. These are the ones that really stood out:

Out of the dark, and into Your likeness

I pray that I can get out of everything that is dark, out of everything that is NOT of the Lord, and I can step into His likeness. I pray that I will abandon everything that doesn’t glorify the Lord- such as selfishness, unkindness, the loss of my patience sometimes, etc.

I hope these lyrics have been an encouragement to you all as much as they have been to me this morning!

Sidenote: When I was reading my Jesus Calling devotional this morning, I read this:

I can brighten up the dullest of gray days; I can add sparkle to the routines of daily life.

I hope that, as well, was an encouragement to you all! It really started my day off right to read that. It’s the little things like that the Lord does that really get me. He is truly wonderful.

Have a great Tuesday, friends!
Until next time,

Chelsie. :)


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