Living Fascinated with God.

Last night, at my new home church First Baptist Church of Thomasville (I say “new” because I just became a member a few weeks ago! I’m thrilled to be a part of sucha sweet church family!), a woman spoke at a women’s ministry event, Tammie Head. She was so precious, and full of wisdom and encouragement! I wanted to share with you all what she spoke on. It was so challenging, and inspiring!!

Here are my notes that I took:

-Don’t have a duty mentality, don’t perform for the Lord. There’s no greater performance than Him laying His life down!

-There’s a war going on between the two kingdoms that we were born in to. Good vs. Evil. The Lord vs. Satan.

-Know the abundant life of God!

-There’s a war going on in you. God tries to draw you CLOSE, and the enemy tries to intervene.

-Become FASCINATED with the Lord.

-Don’t let the enemy win the battle.

>>Isaiah 6

Isaiah 6:3

Holy, holy, holy is the LORD ALMIGHTY;
the whole earth is full of His GLORY.

-Their praises in Luke 6 shake the foundation.

-Getcha praise on! Get in the Lord’s presence!

-Don’t let the enemy take you away from the Lord’s presence.

-We don’t even begin to comprehend Him.

-Live a life that matches scriptures. Live radically.

-Don’t let stuff cloud your vision. Be DESPERATE for the Lord!!

(What’s clouding your view??)

-The Lord is the same today, tomorrow, and FOREVER!

-Without His blood covering us, we are absolutely ruined. Don’t be scared to give your life up to the Lord!

-He is NOTHING like us! That’s scary to most of us. He’s so far above, different, HOLY! Holier than us. But that’s normal for us to be scared to surrender. He’s immaculate! He’s so awesome we should fear Him! He’s so powerful!

-The Lord can use you, even with your past. Keep pressing onwards towards Him!

-You were made for MORE than your struggles, your sticky situation, your hardships, your grief. He’s MORE than all of that!

(How is God pursuing you??)

-GRACE! Christ is the attonement. Christ brings us back at one with our Lord!

Isaiah 6:8

Here I am, send me!

^this should be our prayer

-Let your encounter with God undo you, purify you! FASCINATE YOU!

-Living fascinated with God means we yield to His call.

-Let God change your vision. Go forth with Him.

-How is the enemy getting inbetween you and the Lord?

-You were made to glorify Him. That comes from fascination!

Define: Distraction- it’s a person, place, OR a thing!

~having ones attention drawn away

~mental distress

~divides attention

~prefents focus

-Where does the enemy distract you?


-Antonym of distraction: Work.

~Work at knowing the Lord, not to perform.

-Christ is who He sees when He looks at you! You’re His daughter/son!!

-Press against the distractions that are keeping us stirred up.

-Refuse the distractions!!

2 Chronicles 26

Psalm 27:4

John 10:10

How good does this event sound?! It was incredible! The Holy Spirit was ALL up in there, and it was AWESOME! Tammie spoke so gently, yet with SO much power! Her love for everyone she came into contact with was so genuine and so apparent. She’s a beautiful woman, with an awesome testimony. Here’s her website:

I’m so thankful I joined in the fun last night! Most of you weren’t there, so I felt the need to share my notes with you all! (Even the men, since it was a women only conference!)


Until next time,

Chelsie. :)

PS how neat is it that we spoke on grace, a WHOLE lot, and just a few hours before I walked into the doors of First Baptist, I wrote a post ALL about grace! (here:
It’s neat how the Lord works like that in cool little ways!



  1. You are a doll! I LOVED being with you ladies! So proud of you for pressing into Jesus. He is worthy of our fascination. I love you, Sweet One. xxoo

    1. You are so sweet to read my blog!! Thank you for your kind words! He IS worthy of our fascniation! Such a neat way to put it. Fascinated. Much love!!

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