High Five For Friday!

Hi, friends! This is my first ever High Five for Friday post! I’m super excited!

Kate over at The Small Things Blog: http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/ and her sister, Lauren over at From My Grey Desk blog: http://www.frommygreydeskblog.com/2012/09/high-five-for-friday_21.html, has inspired me to do my own!

Five blessings/joys from this week! Here we go!

1. I’ve had a multiple salesmen come up to me this week telling me I’m the best receptionist they’ve ever had! Do what?! How sweet!! It’s really blessed me this week, and it’s been an encouragement to hear that I’m doing a nice job. This is a picture of my check this week! My general manager even wrote it on my check! How thoughtful!

2. This week I tried a new recipe (what’s new, right?) They were called Apple Fritters! So delish!

3. I love my random adventures with my sweet boy! We’ve had so many this week! (typical, I see him every day hehe!)

4. Brian and I went out and doubled with Brooks and Amy for a full night! We ate at Hurricane Grill in Tallahassee (it may be my new favorite) and walked around Books-A-Million. We went a few more places and had even more fun! Thankful for new friends and new adventures!

5. PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES! I repeat, it’s time for PUMPKIN SPICE! Aka FALL! My favorite!!

Happy Friday, friends! Linking up with Lauren, From My Grey Desk blog.


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