Hometown Glory.

Thomasville, GA.

Cumming friends/non-Thomasville friends- Did yall ever think I’d be the happiest I’ve ever been, loving little ole Thomasville with ALL of my heart? Well, HEY, I am! Can yall believe it?!

I’ve never wanted to live somewhere more than I do Thomasville!


To the days I spent hanging with too many musically talented people with skin tight jeans/jorts and to when I thought that was the only acceptable style. To the days I spent drinking too many Starbucks Frapps. To the days where I would roam The Avenue too many times a week. To the days I would go to the lake before school just to see the sun rise a little more than it did in my car on the way to school at a normal time. To the days I would listen to my iPod during math class with my best friend, jotting down favorite lyrics and of course, Facebooking them. To the days I would spend some time going to the top of the Indian Seats to see the sun set. To the days I would grab my best friends to go to Atlanta Bread Company to pig out on their famous bread bowls filled with potato soup. To the days where we would lay in my best friend’s brothers house, on his huge bean bag chair watching movies, and after make a Sonic run and then hit the indoor pool. To the days of endless photoshoots with best friends, “breaking in” to abandoned  houses to get some cool backgrounds. To the days of Karis Bible studys every Thursday night with Warehouse friends. To the days where one of my best friends would cook me yummy food (she was a vegeterian, so no meat! BOO) To the afternoons full of Ultimate Frisbee with randoms, and then late night Waffle House to follow up. To the days spent eating ramen noodles and baking cookie cakes with one of my best friends growing up. To the days where I would spend the night with my best friend because her mom was the “cool” mom, and would let us hang out with boys. To the days spent learning how to play the guitar with the “crew. To the days spent only with the “crew.” To the days spent sunbathing at our neighborhood pool. To the days where I had too many friends to count on two hands, and where I was never board!

Anyway- you get the point? My days were FULL and beautiful back then growing up in Cumming! Up until the summer before my senior year. When I heard the news of my family moving to Thomasville, GA. aka NO skinny jeaned cute scronny boys who were going to be rockstars, aka no contemporary churches, aka no Starbucks, aka no mall, aka HICK TOWN, aka no life, blah blah blah.

Really? This was my mindset. Why was I such a brat? Someone please explain this. Because heck, I sure enough can’t. No wonder I hardly had any friends my senior year! (my first year here in Thomasville.)

Who would’ve ever thought I would come around, and give Thomasville a chance? …not this girl. I thought I’d be off to college near Cumming somewhere. The Lord had different plans, obviously. (Praise the Lord that He does- seriously!!)

So here I am today. I’ve been living here since July 2010. And I absolutely cannot get enough of my town!

This week, I’ve really thought about how much I love Thomasville. Wednesday, I got off work to head over to my church to start my first day of volunteering in the daycare! So exciting! Then, we proceeded to go out on our usual Chickfila dinner run with our friends from church. While at dinner, I noticed it wasn’t quite dark yet. I grabbed Brian and we jetted to the Big Oak, a Thomasville favorite. There’s a set up on a light pole that will take your picture standing under it, and neither of us had ever done so. We decided to take one picture under it every week, and keep a collection! (so cheesy, but we don’t care! if you ask him if he agreed, he’ll probably just say pfff no, but he did agree and was even a little excited about it. hehe!) My boyfriend and I then spent the evening roaming the streets of downtown Thomasville. We even watched “The Voice” through a local news station window (it had no sound, we just made up what they were saying and we’d call whether they were going to make it or not, hehe) while sitting on a street bench. Here are a few pictures, just because I’m a picture person. ;)

We had such a sweet time together! And more importantly, since I’m blogging about it, in Thomasville!

Last night, we ate with his family, and then decided to go out for coffee and apples. (weird combo, I’m aware….) We went to Grassroots (our local coffee shop) and had such a fun time! We got there right before they closed, so we had to enjoy my Pumpkin Spice Latte and his *free* black coffee out on a little table! It felt awesome since we’re getting a sneak peak of some fall weather, and we had our warm drinks! Downtown Thomasville is even beautiful at night! Look how much fun we had!

Afterwards, we left there to go pick up some apples at Wal-Mart. Romantic, I know? ;)

–Can I just say again, THANK YOU Lord for knowing what’s best for me and for placing me in Thomasville! It’s such a cute little town!

I love worshipping with not so contemporary music at First Baptist, with my tail parked in a pew. I love my random trips to Wal-Mart “just because.” I love how in Thomasville everyone feels like family. I love home-cooked meals by my sweet boyfriend’s family. I love how my brother has friends all over the neighboorhood and how they play at the house in the yard all the time. I love how when I know someone, my stepdad usually knows them too (he grew up here). I love the friendly faces and the friendly waves all over! I love the local restaurants and the downtown stores.

I’ll stop ranting. I just feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now- and I couldn’t be any more thrilled or blessed! (I say that, but then tomorrow, I’ll feel even more thrilled and blessed, and the day after, and so on! hehe)

Thank you Lord for always taking care of me and knowing exactly where you want me at JUST the most perfect times! Thank you for allowing me to surrender my whole life to you, and for all of my many blessings that you have blessed me with! I’m so grateful and I pray I live a life that shows it!

Until next time,
Chelsie. :)


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