High Five for Friday!

High Five for Friday!

Five fun things I was blessed by this week!

1. On Sunday, my boyfriend and our friend Ryan came over to help me take down my bed, clean out from under it, and put together my new bed! (thanks a million, guys- REALLY!) As we were in the middle of doing all of that chaos, Brian gets a call! It’s from his old friend who is in town, and who is stuck like stinkin glue in the mud on New Hope dirt road. We loaded up in the Duramax, grabbed some old clothes and a chain, and headed out. We were mid-shin deep in mud! SO FUN! These guys really have a servents heart. Always helping someone. It’s pretty encouraging.

2. LUKE BRYAN LUKE BRYAN LUKE BRYAN. I may not shake it for him, but I will be seeing him on his Farm Tour in Valdosta in only ONE week and one day! Thanks roomie, Courtney, for buying our tickets and dropping them off! I’m SUPER excited for a girls’ night! (that never happens anymore. que having a full-time job and a boyfriend AND limited friends in Thomasville.) YEEHAW!

3. I found these fun cheetah print flats buried in my closet this week. They’re from the EIGHTH grade! It was a major throw back. Also, they were bought JUST for The Cheetah Girl’s concert. Hehe, I’m 19! I shouldn’t feel that old. I feel like I could sit in front of my TV at any given time and watch all three of their movies! They’re adorable! (any takers on a movie night doing JUST that?? Eh, eh?)

4. I got a handwritten letter this week from my man. Do what?! Aw! It was so long, so sappy, and just precious! It’s always nice to see things handwritten, instead of in a text message. Texting is overrated. Seriously, guys. (unless you use emojiis. those will absolutely never get old!)

5. LOVE spending time with our friends, Amy and Brooks! They’ve really blessed our hearts. I love our little “glob jr.” And I especially love our debates about Abby and Brittany while watching their show! I think those girls have such an inspiring story, and I’m so intrigued by how they live their lives! Amy and I love this show, and I think our boys (excuse me, MEN) are loving it too!

That’s about it, guys. My week was awesome! Praise the Lord for all of my blessings and for the many joys I’m filled with on the daily. God is good, life is good, ain’t got a thing to complain about.

Over and out,
Chelsie. :)

PS linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk Blog! http://www.frommygreydeskblog.com/


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  1. I love handwritten letters. I had a pen pal up until the beginning of this year. They’re even more special when they’re from someone you care about.

    Stopping by from H54F!

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