High Five for Friday!

Hey, yall! It’s Friday! Already! This week has really flown by, but it’s been full of fun!

1. On Saturday night, we had date night with our fun friends Brooks and Amy! We ate BBQ and watched a little bit of the FSU game, stopped in Grassroots for dessert (Cinnamon Apple Cider-HELLO FALL!), and we ended the night by playing Boulderdash.

2. On Friday night, we got invited to spend time with Brian’s sister, brother-in-law, and little Hattie Mae! We enjoyed pumpkin pancakes, grits and eggs! It was a breakfast feast for dinner! Love spending time with them! Plus, Hattie knows how to sport the “duckface.” When is that NOT a good time?!

3. On Monday, Goodwill does a special half off of everything day! Of course I try and hit that up as much as time allows. I always find SWEET Gap, J. Crew and Old Navy deals. So that was nothing new. But, this week, I found two pieces from Forever 21! I got two skirts, two dresses, and a cardigan ALL for just under $15! Holy cow!

4. On Thursday night, Brian and I took a mini road trip to Lake Seminole to pick up his family’s boat from their lake house. We picked up McDonald’s, and rode out! We had a sweet time just talking the whole way. He was such a man carrying me through the TALL grass, and with his hands full! What a champ. Not to mention, he serenaded me the whole way home singing Zac Brown Band. They’ve become a favorite of mine! And, we chomped on beef jerkey on our drive back. Who doesn’t love that?! (I do. Just to clarify.) So thankful for a sweet man, with a cute singing voice and a willingness to get a little dirty! He ain’t no sissy. LOVE it!

5. This week, I’ve been SUPER stoked about Fall! (when am I not, honestly.) I grabbed some “Granny Smith Gone Wild” oatmeal for breakfast. I added some cinnamon just to give it a little more flavor. It was yummy! The perfect fall blend! I’ve used pumpkin spice hand soap my mom bought me, I’ve smelled fall candles all over our house, there are pumpkins on our front porch, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of Cinnamon Apple Cider, and Pumpkin Spice lattes! All that’s missing is fall weather- BOOO.

This week brought so many blessings. This High Five for Friday post isn’t just about five favorite things of the week anymore, it’s slowly teaching me how to be thankful for EVERY day, and to make the most of every day! I love that!

Have a good week, yall!

Over and out,

Chelsie. :)


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  1. What a cute duck face! Love your high five for Friday!

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