What are ya thinking?

This may or may not be just a little vent post. But it’s the truth, nonetheless.

May I please ask when it became acceptable to drool over people? I mean, to the point where I can’t log into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. without reading or seeing Luke Bryan, Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber, Channing Tatum, Liam Hemsworth, etc. without a shirt on, or what ever. I may sound a little prude, rude, or just plain dumb when I say this: But in my heart, I do know it’s truth.

The Lord does NOT want us drooling over men like that, ladies. Guys, some of you are no better! Most of you talk about women like we’re pieces of meat, or you don’t show enough respect for us. Women and men are both in the wrong for doing so.

But since I’m a young woman, we will focus on ladies. Deal? :)

One. Luke Bryan and Channing Tatum are married men. Sorry ’bout it, girls.

Two. Ryan Gosling is dating Eva Mendes. They’re even talking about marriage. Justin Bieber is also taken.

Three. Liam is engaged. Miley may be looking rough, you may not think they look great together, you may think she’s just another dumb girl, but, regardless he’s still taken and planning a wedding.

What are ya thinkin? This is wrong!

Would you want your husband/boyfriend/fiance getting plastered all over another woman’s Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? Or for him to come out of millions of girl’s across the world mouth? No. No, you would not. That would be incredibly annoying, and just stupid. You wouldn’t want that.

WHY must we gawk over celebrities? Or really, anyone?

I will say this- I appreciate their music, their acting, or what ever. I did attend a Luke Bryan concert just a couple weeks ago. He shook it for us, definitely shook it for us. But, I couldn’t have cared any less. Seriously. Call me crazy- but I felt uncomfortable. I do think it is innapropriate for us to lust over them.

Lust: Very strong sexual desire.

Want to know what the Lord says about lusting?

Matthew 5:28

But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Whenever you gawk over someone, did you realize that you are commiting adultery? Is that acceptable? No. Not only is it a sin, it’s a commandment.

Exodus 20:14

 Thou shalt not commit adultery.

I think it hurts not only the marriage or the relationship of the one committing the sin, but it also hurts and affects the actual person who is the victim of the adulter.

This week, Brian came home from the agricultural expo, where they have tons of little stations set up where you recieve free samples of all kinds of boy stuff. Such as tobacco, advertising logo items, you get to look at trucks from Ford/Chevy, tractors (John Deere being his fav) and whatever else. In one of his bags, he recieved a calender. Full of half dressed women, posed up. Um- what? That is totally unacceptable. For one, who wants their boyfriend (in your case it may be your son, husband, etc.) lusting over women? That gave me the creeps, and I hope he threw it out (I’m sure he did, we had a long talk and he even admitted that it was gross and that he hadn’t looked through it, and that he wasn’t interested. So thankful for my Godly man. It warms my heart to hear those words come from him, and him actually mean it. Love that). I wonder how many other women’s husband/boyfriend/son recieved one of those? This world and how corrupt it is really gets to me. It breaks my heart. That crap only causes hurt, regret, guilt, and personal struggle. I may sound really, really childish to some of you and may even come across as a “crazy” girlfriend for saying all of this. But I don’t care- if we take the Lord’s words and really, really apply them and abide in Him, it would get you fired up, too.

I wish more people had the same passion as I do about this. Not saying that I am perfect, by any means, but I really do feel this is not a struggle for me (it may have been when I was younger, but really- now? No), and I feel as if the Lord has really laid it on my heart. Especially this week.

Ladies, think of your men (current or if you’re single, think of your future husband). How do you think that makes him feel when we lust over other men? Even if you know you’ll never date or marry that person that you’re lusting over, who cares.-I would think he would feel belittled, not good enough for you. What if we only kept those thoughts for our husband? (current or future). How would that strengthen a marriage (one day, or in the present.) Seriously. Think about it.

This also applies to the boys/men out there reading. Just change a couple words.

I pray that each of you are encouraged by this, and that we all take it and apply it to our lives.

Until next time,


PS I’m sorry if I offend anyone, I just really feel like the Lord wanted me to share this with whoever actually reads my blog! I want to appologize for being offensive, but I will not appologize for being right. 10-4, duuuudes.



  1. Get it, girl!
    Definitely a tough subject not many girls things about, but one that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention.

    1. Haha, thanks girl. :) And yes! Most definitely. You’re right!

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