High Five for Friday!

1. On Friday after work, Brian, Brooks and I enjoyed an afternoon of fishing in Pavo! I caught two fish. Brian and I tied, and Big(jerk)BassMaster Brooks caught way more. I was still satisfied since HEY! I caught my first Bass! There was an incredible sunset to end our fishing trip. After, we met up with Amy and had dinner at Barberito’s! That’s always a good time.

After enjoying those Woodwards, we went back to Brian’s and met up with Ryan. We enjoyed the new addition to the Gilligan household- the improved man room! We spent the rest of our time talking about John Deeres and Toyotas (typical with two boys who love their jobs) and doing hoodrat stuff. Those guys are hilarious, and it’s always a fun time!

2. HANNAH CAME HOME TO PLAY! It’s been a whopping month since I had friend time with this nut. We met up and ate at Jonah’s Fish and Grits in downtown Thomasville for a big lunch! She had just returned from a mission trip to Panama (the country) so our lunch was full of her filling me in on that incredible adventure, and I filled her in about my happenin’ life (pfff).

After, we went to the back of the downtown buildings, and had a little friend photoshoot! (taken with an iPhone-balllin’) Then we went to the flea market-where I found these vintage glasses with circle rims. Successful Saturday afternoon!

That night, Brian, Ryan and I ventured down to Tallahassee for dinner and hoodrat stuff. We ate at Hurricane Grill, again. That’s slowly becoming one of our favorites! Delish!

3. Sunday night after our weekly church and dinner with friends after, Brian and I grabbed a few scratch offs. This is the very first one I’ve ever gotten by myself! ..And I’m 19 1/2 (the half counts- who are you kidding?). I practiced my rights and we didn’t win a thing! Fun times! Love Sundays with my man.

4. On Wednesday, I snatched these two kiddos I used to babysit over the summer and took them to church with me! We had such a fun time! It’s been too long since I got to spend any time with them. They’re sweet, and hilarious!

5. Thursday during lunch, I had heard it was National Chocolate Cupcake Day! I took it upon myself to grab Brian and I each one, plus with an Apple Spice cupcake on the side. I wrote Brian a little letter, and left it on his toolbox at work. Love doing sweet things for my sweet boy! (I always brag on him, but he deserves it! He’s too good!) :)

Thanking the Lord for another week, and praising Him for all of my many blessings. This week was a more quiet, laid back week, and that’s exactly what I needed. God is too good.

Until next time,

Chelsie. :)

PS linking up with Lauren! Happy Friday, loveys!



  1. love the idea of a weekly dinner and church! sounds like a great week :)


  2. If I had known it was national cupcake day…! Your blog is so cute. I love all the pictures, and “hoodrat stuff” awesome.

    1. Aw well thankya! You could always celebrate National Chocolate Cupcake Day any day. That’s my motto, and I’m sticking to it. :)

      PS thanks for reading!

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