High Five for Friday!

Fall is in full force (well, mostly) And I couldn’t be more excited!

1. Friday night, I went down with the church to chaperone for the kick off night to a family event held at our church on Saturday-Elevate! We took the 5th and 6th graders to The Fun Station in Tallahassee. My best friend, Hannah, and I were in charge of a group together. We had a blast playing laser tag, riding go-carts, and playing games! After, we snuck away and pigged out on Five Guys, which I’ve had a mega craving for. It was awesome getting to see her since that’s a rare occurance!

After, I met up with my man and our friend Ryan. We had our first bonfire of the season! And get this- it was in an old satelite dish. Do what?! That’s how we do it in Thomasville, I suppose. #countryascorn ;)

2. Saturday, I got to work the Elevate family event at our church. It was so much fun! During breaks, Hannah and I of course became secret ninjas and got to travel secretly all over the church- we found the choir loft and had a blast! We also may or may not have had a mini karaoke partaay in the chapel listening to The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” That’s alright though- no one heard. :)

The whole weekend I had the house to myself (talk about scary). I invited Brian and Ryan over for dinner! I cooked loaded mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, sweet peas, and I baked chicken marinated in this sauce from a local store in downtown Thomasville- Relish.

Tip: This stuff is the BOMB. I recommend it! Anything from this brand, really. http://www.earthnvine.com/p-43-mango-tequila-jalapeno-grill-sauce.aspx

3. On Sunday AND Monday night, we all had a bonfire again! Sunday it was after night church. It was a pretty chilly night again- PERFECT weather for a bonfire! And Monday, it was after a loooong day at work. Did I mention that we had a fish fry for dinner on Monday night? We did. And it was delicious!!

4. On Tuesday night we were the welcome crew at Downpour! (a college ministry event) It was held at our church, First Baptist, this week. We even matched! (not planned, but is this cute or what?) I got him that shirt this week, along with three other flannels, and those jeans! I love a great deal. I couldn’t resist getting him things! Hehe. For all of you in the Thomasville area, and who are out of high school, you all should really check Downpour out! It’s every Tuesday at 8pm and is held at a different church every week. There is a rotation for speakers and for musicians, so we don’t have the same one every time. It’s awesome! And it’s growing rapidly. We’d love to see your face join us! :)

5. On Thursday night, I got to see my friends (some of them I haven’t seen since MAY!) Holy cow! I’ve missed them so much! What a treat to spend time with them. We all met half way in Quitman and ate at Coyoacan, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Quitman. Loved getting to catch up and see them! Can’t wait for next time! :)

Thankful as always for my many blessings this week. This week went by pretty quickly! And this weekend will be slammed FULL of fun times. Can’t wait to share pictures with you next week!

Until then- over and out.

Chelsie. :)

PS linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk Blog!



  1. im kinda obsessed with five guys and that bonfire looks like so much fun!


    1. I’m totally obsessed. Their bacon cheese dog is the bomb. Just sayin. Thanks for reading!

  2. What a fun looking week girlie!! Love that you had a great time at the bon fire!! I haven’t been to a bon fire in sooo long!!

    1. No way?! Bonfires are the best! You must have one soon. :)

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Friday!

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