High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, felllaas. And ladies, too. Fellllaas just sounded like a partaay. And uh, it IS Friday! Parrrtaaay. (insert a sigh of relief that it’s the weekend here.)

1. On Friday after work, Brian and I met up with our friends Amy and Brooks for a night of shooting on Brooks’ family “farm” in Pavo! Sidenote: I HAD to steal a picture of their farm house. How stinkin’ neat is this place? It’s a dream. Seriously. I’d love to live here forever and ever. Amen? Amen.

Amy and I shooting a 12 gauge? Fail. I’m pretty sure our arms were so sore after, and that we had NO aim what so ever. Also, did I mention we didn’t even look at where we were aiming at? When the skeet shot out of the thrower, we just shot. That thought is so scary. I’m just throwin’ that on out there. Amy, let’s do better next time and impress our men? Deal?

2. On Saturday, I woke up extra early to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for our Ocala roadtrip! The Gilligan and Wylie clan loaded up in boy/girl car separation style, and headed on out. Brian’s cousin got married that afternoon, and man oh man, it was beautiful! Speaking of dreams up there in number one, this was also a dream! It was my dream wedding! Alyce (the bride)- I’ve only spoken several words to you, a few being nice to meet you, but.. I wouldn’t hate it if we became friends. Just sayin’. We may or may not be almost the same person, judging by your wedding.. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve pinned your exact wedding maybe a handful of times before I actually attended. It was a straight up Pinterest wedding! I loved it, and I’m so thankful I got to join in on their special day. Brian and I even snuck a dance in- him, dance? That’s almost unbelievable. I loved that he danced with me. He’s a sweetie. I’m blessed, indeed!

See what I mean by a dream? Country cookin’, bottled Coke, sweet tea in mason jars, burlap, pumpkins, string lights, tree stumps, and sunflowers galore! All took place on a farm, in a barn. DREAMY!

3. On Sunday, we were all headed back to Thomasville.. After a Cracker Barrel stop, of course! This is my guilty pleasure. I could seriously walk in the little country store, eat a breakfast plate, drink some sweet tea, and rock in those little rockers for hours and hours. This was also our second stop by Cracker Barrel on our roadtrip. Guilty. SO delicious!! Also, notice Brian and his dad in the bottom part of the picture? They’re just alike. It’s hilarious! Brian is sucha cutie. Aw. Look at him. And that’s his sister in the top part of the picture with me. She’s such a good mom. She was the driver going down to Ocala in the girl car. We jammed Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Britney Spears, and even Christina Aguilera. The 90s/early 2000s were glorious. Such a good weekend with this sweet family!

4. Sunday night, we all had another bonfire! Our friend, Elizabeth, joined in on our fun! Even Brooks and Amy. It was a fun night! Elizabeth brought the s’mores, and Brian pulled his truck up so we could slide on up to tailgate. I love when Brian wears flannel.. HELLO FALL! It’s lovely. It really is.

5. Seriously.. Brian and I coordinate way too often for us to never get dressed at the same time. You may not be able to tell, but the colors I’m wearing are all the stripes colors of his flannel. Nuts. This was probably the fourth or fifth time in the past week that we’ve matched. His brother-in-law says we’re just too precious. I’m not sure if that’s sarcasm or not, but I’ll take it. I think I’d vote on his statement. Any one else agree? ;)

I hope everyone had a great week! And I hope you have a wonderful week coming up! Brian leaves for NC for a few days today. Pray that I’ll stay sane. Hehe! Only kidding. Happy Friday!

Over and out,

Chelsie. :)

PS linking up with Lauren, over at From My Grey Desk Blog!

PSS if anyone has a left over, uncarved pumpkin that they are just going to throw out- I mean, feel free to send it mine and Brian’s way. We hunted ALL over town on Wednesday night for one to carve! (Even if it’s after Halloween, we don’t care. We just wanted the experience because it’s FALL, helllloo). So yeah, just throwin’ that on out there. ;)



  1. I love a Pinterest inspired wedding, how fun. Happy High Five Friday!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! It was a beautiful wedding! Wish I had more photos to share. Thanks for reading! Happy Friday back to you :)

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