High Five for Friday!

What a good week this has been, but I’m thankful that it’s FINALLY FRIDAY!

1. Last Friday, I decided I was going to take a trip back to Valdosta, where I spent my freshman year of college. I haven’t seen some of my friends there since May! It was a much needed visit. I met up with my friends Hollee and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s sweet roomie, Katie, at Cheddar’s for dinner. I ordered Chicken and Waffles- lemme just tell ya, it was deee-lish-ous! After, we went to see Pitch Perfect. I’ll admit- I feel asleep several times because we went to the later showing- Yall, I just can’t hang with the big dogs anymore. I’m a full time workin’ woman, this girl needs her sleep! After the movie, Hollee and I visited one of my best friends from freshman year, Chandler, and had some brothaa time. So thankful to see everyone, although I did miss my boy back home.

2. All day Saturday, I spent thrifting with my friend Hollee! I snagged some really cool finds, and even got a few things on a SUPER sale at Target! (including $8 teal wedges, sccaa-oooree!) That night, my old roomie, Courtney, came home from her school trip to Texas. It was so fun seeing all of these friends, and welcoming her home at the airport! Loved our hang out that night, I’ve missed them!

Sunday morning, I got to go to my old church in Valdosta, Crosspointe! It’s always a joy to be able to be there and to worship with every one. After, we met up with more friends and ate Smok’n Pig. TAAA-SSSTEE! It’s always a treat to go there. Their BBQ is to die for! Good food and sweet friends make for a great Sunday!

That night I returned back to Thomasville, and I surprised my boy! He had been gone all weekend to visit his twin brother in NC with their dad. The surprise was a success, and we were so happy to be reunited! (After only three days- are we pathetic or whaaat?) Hehe!

3. Monday, Brian and I ate his mama’s spaghetti, and headed out into town for the rest of the night. We grabbed some ice cream at Baskin Robins for dessert, went to Cherokee Lake to play on the playground, rode dirt roads on the way home listening to Kenny Chesney, and side note: look at his new-to-him, vintage Memeber’s Only jacket! It’s one of my thrifting finds and it looks SO handsome on him!! Did you hear me, Brian? Haaaand-some!

Love these nights with my sweets.

4. Not only did we have three lunch dates this week, but FOUR! My sweet co-worker Haylee told me yesterday to take a 12:00 lunch instead of a 1:00 like a normal Thursday. So thankful for that opportunity and for more sweet time with this cutie-patootie!
PS McDonald’s for the wiiiiin. Yum!

5. Although this isn’t the cutest little picture, I love it! He’s so goofy. What a mess.. Yesterday evening, we spent hours and hours getting ready for our camping trip we’re taking tonight! I made lists, we shopped, we packed, we dug things out of the closet, and finally, we’re ready to leave after work! All three of us are super excited! It’s been a year since I’ve been camping.. WHAT! Can’t wait to spend all night in Chattahoochee, FL camping around a campfire and snuggled in my sleeping bag trying to keep warm!!

So thankful for how much time I got to spend with friends and my boy this week. Novemember is a month that reminds me so much to be thankful always. I love that!!

Have a nice weekend, and week, readers!

Over and out,

Chelsie. :)

PS Linking up with the lovely Lauren over at From My Grey Desk Blog! Check her out!


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