High Five for Friday!

1. Friday night after work, Brian, Ryan and I all headed down to Chattahoochee, FL to camp out! We stayed at a KOA Kampground. It was definitely an adventure! We got there after the campground store had closed, which meant NO FIREWOOD. We had a smart idea of going down to the ONLY convenient store on our whole exit, and it was only located a mile down the road. “Perfect!” we thought. Wrong. We’re pretty sure we saw a drug deal or two happen. Yikes! I had an idea of grabbing some wood on the side of the road (logs, branches from fallen trees, twigs, etc.) We found a perfect sized one and threw that sucker in the truck! We got back to camp, and we noticed we had signed ourselves up for the wrong tent site. We payed for water and power, and we were gonna get it! We moved our truck, and started setting up. His mom had given us some old string lights to hang around the site. It was going to be awesome! …Until they decided to mess up, and the fuse was shot. We were without power. Next, we were going to set up our campfire. Ryan went far away from all of the sites to chop the wood (we at least had a small chopper to chop it with). It was extremely loud, so we had to quit. We were back to no campfire for our campout. We had to grill our weenies over a small, and I mean extremely small, gas grill we had packed with us. We also cooked our marshmallows over that tiny flame. We all got in our sleeping bags, and tried to keep warm all night. It was definitely our very first camping trip, and it may sound awful, but secretly we all enjoyed being together and we all enjoyed our little adventure. We were roughin’ it big time.

2. Saturday night, Brian and I had our “second date.” Meaning, it was only our second planned date. Usually we do things on a whim. We shopped a bit around Tallahassee, went to T.G.I.Friday’s for a deeee-lish-ous dinner, and coffee for the ride home was on me. I love any kind of date night with my sweet fella.

3. I had quite the rough day on Monday, and I was pretty emotional. Brian chose to skip man night and spend time with me- just because he wanted me to feel all better. Is he real life? Someone pinch me.. We spent the evening riding around looking at houses, and with our feet propped up on his dash in the Wal-Mart parking lot dreaming big. PS not that we just hang out in the Wal-Mart parking lot normally.. It just happened this once I promise.

4. Tuesday night, Brian, Amy, and I went over to Brooks’ house for a night of cooking! We cooked the mac n cheese and green beans, while our men grilled some GOOD chicken! Brooks’ home is so cozy. We watched a little tv and split on outta there. We’re all workin’ peeps, we needed our sleep. Such a fun night with great friends! Thanks for having us, guys!

5. Our friend, Ryan, sold his Mustang on Wednesday- which called for a trip to Valdsota! We called my old roommate, Claire, and all met up for dinner. I loved spending time with these three together! Thankful for friendships this week. So thankful.

I hope you all had a nice week, as well!

Over and out,

Chelsie. :)

PS Linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk Blog!



  1. Sounds like such a fun week!!

    1. Aw hi Lindsey! It sure was. Thanks for reading! :) Have a blessed Friday!

  2. Loved readin’ about your campin’ adventure! Made another good mem’ry! Keep writin’! Love you much! Ma

    1. Hehe, that was definitely an adventure to remember! And definitely a sweet memory. Love you, Ma!!

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