High Five for Friday!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, friends!

This week has been full of days off, friends, family, and relaxation.

1. On Friday night, Brian, Ryan and I all ate some BBQ for dinner at a local BBQ place in Thomasville- Grandaddy’s. After, we needed to run to Wal-Mart. That turned into “try ridiculous things on and go through the old $5 CD stack.” So much fun! Look at these saaaa-weeet finds. Especially my Britney Spears CD I enjoyed back in first grade. Time flies.

2. On Saturday, Mama and I woke up early and spent most of the day in Tallahassee. We shopped at the Loft until we dropped and ate Bucca di Beppo for lunch. Two thumbs up for this place!

That evening, Brian and I went back to Tallahassee to meet up with these sweet friends for dinner! Nathan and Hope are a lot of fun. We ate at Andrew’s Capital Grill and Bar. That place is off the chain. When we went our separate ways to our cars, Brian and I found a huge Christmas lit little park in downtown Tallahassee. We sat on a ledge and snapped some pictures. I love date nights with him. He’s the cutest.

When we finally got back to Thomasville, Adam (Brian’s twin brother) and Ryan had a fire going! Adam had just gotten off of the road from his journey home from college in NC. We had prepared some campfire jams for us. His voice and guitar skills are the bomb.com. What a sweet time with brothers! Thankful for the both of them.

3. On Monday for lunch, Brian, Adam, Brooks and I chowed down on some hot dogs at the Pool Room in downtown Thomasville. This place is so cheap, and so good! We ate outside. What a beautiful fall day to enjoy these friends!

**Braggage: That night, I ended up having to work late. My man came up to my job and sat with me for the last hour of work! And he compromised to let me eat Chickfila for dinner, which I was craving mega hard and he on the other hand was not. He’s so selfless. It’s so encouraging to me!

4. On Wednesday night, Hannah and I ate at Chandler’s for dinner and decided to have a girls’ night. We invited Amy over for the fun! We baked cookies, crafted our Christmas gifts, and watched Baby Mama. It was so much fun and refreshing to spend time with only girls doing things I love! Love these two so much! Anddddd not to mention, I started Brian’s Christmas present crafting. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I love surprises.

5. Happy Thanksgiving! On Thursday, my family and I traveled up to Alma, GA to eat with some of my mom’s family. It was a long drive, but man! That food was worth it! Thankful for great cooks throughout my whole family. When we got back into Thomasville, we went to my stepdad’s family to eat a SECOND meal. I repeat, second. We were stuffed!! Brian got back into town from Bonifay later that night, and got to meet my whole family. They loved him, and approved. (duh.) To end the day, Brian and I spent the rest of our evening watching Christmas Hallmark movies at his house. (like I said, SELFLESS and what a dang keeper! aw!) What a nice Thanksgiving!


This week, I’m thankful for everyone in my life, and how they got there. I’m so thankful for God’s grace and for the simple fact that- HE is able. It’s so comforting to know He’s in charge. I’m thankful He forgives me when I mess up, and I’m thankful that He helps me to forgive others. Something I need to work on.

On another note, to all you nutsos that endured that madness-enjoy the Black Friday sales! (a small part of me is jealous. I’ve always wanted to take part in it.) And for the others, more power to ya. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Praying for safe travels as Brian, Ryan and I head out of town tonight to Bonifay to spend time with Brian’s family. I cannot wait! ROADTRIP!

Until next time,

Chelsie. :)

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  1. Ahhh… there’s nothing like old school Britney Spears. If only she wouldn’t have gone off the deep end a few years ago…

    I would love for you to stop by sometime and say hi! leslyni.blogspot.com

    Have a great weekend!


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