25 Days of Christmas

Each day of December, he gets a small gift. Some days, it’s a little love note. Other days, it may be an item. And the rest of the days, it’s a little treat. Each box is filled with a unique message, and packed with a whole lotta love. Today is day 7, and I get even more excited to give him each box as each day goes on! Here’s a preview of days 2-6, because I forgot to take pictures of day one: (Whoops.)

Day 1. He recieved a little note, and a new tractor key chain. His mama had bought him one before, but he sat on it and broke. Since he’s a tractor boy man, he was pretty bummed. I found one at Tractor Supply to replace it and he loved it! (no picture for the first day, as I mentioned. Bummer.)

Day 2. Earlier in the fall, we took a camping trip with our friend, Ryan. We had a great time! I found these little greeting cards that were blank on the inside on this past Saturday while thrift/antique shopping with my friend, Amy. They work perfect with what I already had in mind to do!0000000

Day 3. I got him a thrifted flannel, and wrote up a little date card. We’ve been wanting to go see Christmas lights at different places around town that have big ones, and we’ve also seen a few places in Tallahassee that we’re interested in going to. I thought it would be fun to make a date out of it, and grab some grub and bake some cookies before hand. Can’t wait for this fun evening!000000

Day 4. “A Key Point” I was planning on doing the whole “here’s a key to my heart” thing already, but me being the antique/thrift junkie that I am, I found a key at a local antique store in downtown Thomasville that was 100+ years old! I snagged that along with another little greeting card from another little antique shop, Relics, in downtown Thomasville. It went along nicely! Not to mention, the fourth day was our “six months”a-versary. That was pretty neat. :)00000

Day 5. He’s been talking about wanting to hear his cousins new CD, but he never purchased it for himself! Or found the time to take a little listen. It’s been out for months now. I took it upon myself to grab a digital copy and make him a CD for day 5. He loved it! I can’t wait to throw it in his CD player in his truck to listen. Go check it out for yourself! He’s talented, yall. http://www.facebook.com/joshgilliganmusic?ref=ts&fref=ts#!/joshgilliganmusic/app_178091127385 <-Here’s his bandpage!


Day 6. His favorite anytime meal is Barberitos! I grabbed him a gift certificate for $10, which covers a little over one meal. He was stoked and put it straight in his wallet. Who wants to bet on how long it’ll take him to use that sucker?


I’ll keep updating this crafty little project until Christmas! Enjoy! :)


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