High Five for Friday!

Happy December, friends! (Seven days late, whatevs.)


1. On Friday night, we went to Tallahassee for dinner with some friends. We ate at Miller’s Ale House, and went out for ice cream after. It was too cold for ice cream for my likings, but they enjoyed it! We had a nice, laid back night.


2. Saturday was my last day house/dog sitting! I spent the day cleaning, ate lunch with Amy, and after we went antique shopping. It was also day one of Brian’s “25 Days of Christmas” gift! (See this post for a peak into that little crafty idea!) I was sad to give the Wylie’s their cozy little home back, not to mention their cute little pup! Thankful for a week “vacation” away from home!


3. On Sunday, Brian and I ventured around Thomasville after church. We ate a lunch for two at Beef ‘O Brady’s, thrifted a little bit at a consignment/thrift shop we came across, and rode around drooling over downtown homes. We love that area! While we were looking at homes, we rode past the famous “Big Oak” in downtown Thomsville. We jumped out of his truck and took a touristic picture beside it, and we continued to have our own fall “photoshoot” outside of the church with some fall leaves. I love adventuring with him!


4. On Tuesday night, it was our 6 months anniversary and his parents went out for dinner. I decided to cook for us, and our friend Ryan. I threw some tomato soup on the stove (somewhat homemade), and made some grilled mozzarella cheese, bacon, and roasted chicken mini sandwiches on the side. And, for dessert, I made “Poor Man’s Toffee”. Deee-lish. (recipe found here from a sweet, favorite blog of mine). We finished the night off with the new episode of New Girl. The life.


5. Yesterday at work was suuuuper slow. My co-worker, Katelyn and I, decided we’d make some Christmas decor and rearrange our desk! Here ya have it. An older Seventeen mag, and an old Glamour mag, made into Christmas trees, and a little “Happy Holidays” banner to hang on the moniter. Three cheers to craftiness!

This week has been pretty special. I started my “25 Days of Christmas” gifts for my sweet fella. Check out the link here for more details on that special, crafty little project!

I hope each of you had a fantastic week! Christmas is getting closer and closer, and my excitement is growing more and more!



Today is also a special day, it’s my ^stepdad’s birthday. Thankful for a great man, who came into my life when I was a wee little thing in first grade when my father was absent, who is still in my life today. He has been the true definition of a real father. We’ve been through the pits growing up, but we’re closer than ever now. Celebrating my dad, a great co-worker, and a friend- Jason. Happy Birthday!! I love ya. (If he looks funny, excuse him. He hates taking pictures. And, if you wouldn’ve seen this picture before I edited it, his face was as red as a tomato from embarassment, hehe)

Until next time,

Chelsie. :)

Linking up with Lauren!



  1. That tree made from magazines is pretty impressive! Stopping by from the link up, happy Friday!!

  2. Thank you!! Happy Friday to you as well :)

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