High Five for Friday!


1. On Saturday night, Brian and I went over to hang with Amy and Brooks. We all got take out Falon’s BBQ and played Balderdash! Brian won. It was a fun night! Sidenote: Brooks got a new little pup. So honestly, most of our time was “ooo”ing and “aaah”ing over Keiser! He’s a German Sheppard. It made me have some pretty serious puppy fever. Siiiiiigggh.


2. On Monday, my friend Hollee came to visit! She’s a great friend I had in Valdosta from my freshman year. She had never been to our town before, so Elizabeth showed her what it was all about! We took her to eat at a local dinky little hamburger place, Chandler’s, and we went to Grassroots Coffee shop for a treat after. We rode through the Flowers lights (a trail of lights on the property of the beautiful coorporate office for Flowers Bakery in a somewhat wooded area). We, of course, snapped some pics! Afterwards, we rode out to Brian’s house to enjoy a bonfire with our friend Hannah! It was a great time to reunite with some friends.


3. On Tuesday night, we went to Downpour. It was great! We worshipped through Christmas music and a wonderful, challenging message spoken by our great friend, Reid. It was a great night with sweet girl friends, Brian, and our friends Milton and Ryan!


4. On Wednesday night after we left church, Ryan told me to go look in his truck. In the seat was a big stack of cookbooks that his Mama told him to give me! What a great surprise! So random, but those are the best surprises, right? Did you see the one from 1986? Holy cow! That’s older than me! Can’t wait to look through them and have them in my own home someday.


5. Thursday night was the first of two nights of Victorian Christmas in Downtown Thomasville. Our church has a Live Nativity scene every hour from 7-9. Brian was a shepherd, and Elizabeth and I were angels! It was freezing, but other than that, we had an awesome time! After we finished our skits, we enjoyed some friend time back at the church to warm up. I’m so thankful for a great man, and some Godly friends.

Thankful for another week, and so happy about Christmas being only 11 days away!!! It has crept up on me. It feels like we haven’t even really had Thanksgiving yet. Where is the time going?! But, I don’t hate it.

Also, in less than a month, I’ll be a Cosmetology student. FINALLY. Yall, pray for me..

Until next time,
Chelsie. :)

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  1. Best surprise ever!!!! I would love old cookbooks!

    1. It WAS! And it was so unexpected!! Thanks for stopping by! Have a good Tuesday! :)


  2. I love live nativities, so cool. Cute blog, found you on H54F

    1. They are pretty neat! I’ve experienced two this week in my town. It’s been a good time. Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca! :)

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