High Five for Friday!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! This week was bursting at the seams with family, food, and friends! I loved every minute!!

I am so blessed to have such a sweet family. Not to mention, my boyfriend’s family treats me as their own as well! So blessed by all of my family, gifts, and time spent this past week. It was a Merry Christmas, indeed.


1. On Thursday night, I hosted a “Tacky Christmas Sweater” Christmas party. It was supposed to be exciting, fun, cozy and happenin’. Thanks to some crazy weather, our bonfire was a no go. We all piled into my living room and watched Elf. Greeeeaaaat save. Love these guys!


2. I took the day off Friday to spend some time with my little stepsister (Chelsea). She’s SO much fun! We spent all morning watching the first 6 episodes of season 7 of How I Met Your Mother, had a late lunch in Tallahassee at T.G.I.Friday’s, and shopped til we dropped to finish up the rest of my Christmas shopping. We had so many laughs and a great day together. She’s rarely here, so I’m thankful for our time spent this week!

63720_10151316387547158_1462374250_n3. On Saturday night, my sister and I went over to my man’s house to have a bonfire with him and his twin, Adam. It was freeeezing, but such a nice time together. I’m thankful we have such sweet sibs!


4. On Christmas Eve, we were up to our nose in boredom! Everything was already closed for Christmas, and it was raining. We decided to go out and venture around town a little. We drove through random neighborhoods, took a mini photoshoot downtown, and drove through some Christmas lights. We finished the night with my man’s tradition of going to Waffle House at 11:30pm on Christmas Eve, to spend the first part of Christmas at Waffle House. It was a hilarious night, and we stuffed our bellies with something other than stuffing, turkey, and sweet potatoes. Mmmhmm.


5. For Christmas, Brian MADE me this beautiful bracelet out of nuts! He stalked my Pinterest, learned how to braid, got a little help from his sister, and bam! Gorgeous! What a neat idea, and it looks so perfect with my watch! He also got my Goodwill and Chickfila gift cards. Talk about a gift after my own heart! Aw! Not to mention, he also attempted this project, but it’s still in the works so no pictures just yet! ;) LOVE this man so much!

Sidenote: Notice how the picture quality changes past #2? I got a ballin’ cam for Christmas. So, you all get a view other than Instagram photos.. Holllllaaa!

***Be in prayer for Passion 2013, I’ll be headed to the dome next Tuesday! I can hardly WAIT!***

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Until next time,


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  1. What an awesome Christmas weekend you had!! 1) I love your man’s traditional of going to Waffle House on Christmas Eve. That’s totally something my husband + I would do – what a fun, silly tradition! and 2) How neat that he made you that bracelet – I am SO impressed! My husband made me a beautiful piece of art for our anniversary + was beyond impressed. More men need to learn that the way to our hearts is with thoughtful, homemade awesomeness.

    Hope you have a great New Year’s Eve!

    1. I loved joining in on his tradition, too! It was unusual and neat! The workers were all festive and cheerful. It was a nice night! And girl- I was so impressed! He isn’t very creative so when he gave it to me, it meant that much more! I’m a lucky one. :) Glad you are as well!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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