See Ya 2012!

Camping Trip for the Books, Yall.


This past Friday, I had this grand idea to go camping. I immediately mass texted Elizabeth, Brian, Ryan and Adam for their opinions, since they would be joining in, of course. I got all thumbs up. We met up for dinner before we journeyed out. At dinner, Brian and Adam’s mama texted us to give us a heads up that there was a 70% chance of rain, strong winds, and cold weather coming our way. Us? Scared? Naaaah. We didn’t let that get in the way of our plan. We grubbed our last bites of Dairy Queen, and headed on out. We set up the tent- no problem. We started a fire- no problem. We were having a big ole time! We all got ready for bed, and snuggled up in each of our sleeping bags, feelin’ like a million bucks. But, boy did we have it coming for us! Around 12:30, it started sprinkling. Pffff we thought. Is this really the rain we were warned about? Pffff. Let me just say- that was an understatement. We got settled, and fell right to sleep. Around 2:30 or so, I woke up in a panic. Elizabeth and Ryan were already awake, and I immediately grabbed Brian to awake him. He said, “Is that all you woke me up for?” Rude. But, not to mention, I woke him up by grabbing him rapidly saying, “Brian, Brian, Brian!” Hehe. After we were all up, we were up for the long haul. The wind was harsh, yall. I’m talkin about moving-the-whole-tent-back-and-forth-side-to-side- kinda harsh. I thought our little tent was about to look like the house in The Wizard of Oz, just twirling right on away. And the rain? Harrrrrrrd rain, massive rain, loud rain. The wind blew so hard, it knocked our rain guard off a bit, meaning, puddles of water in our tent. Adam and I stayed dry, while the others in the middle were pretty soaked. Brian even had a puddle of water on his sleeping bag! We were cold, wet, and tired. But still having a ball! We laughed for, I sware, a whole hour straight at our conditions and how we were all so grouchy and whiney. It was hilarious. We finally were in the clear, and we all slept until about 9:30. We woke up, and went straight to Waffle House for a breakfast. Deeeelish! We later shot some bottles with a pistol, cleaned up our site, and went our happy tails right on home. Glad we could peace 2012 out with a trip to remember. It was a camping trip for the books, yall. I’m so thankful for friendship!











See ya 2012! Happy New Years Eve!

Until next time year,

Chelsie. :)



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  1. Brenda Humphrey · · Reply

    I think it is neat that you are learning about guns and how to shoot! Never know when you might need those skills! Love reading your post! Keep them coming!

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