High Five for Friday!


These past couple of weeks have been slammed, in a good way I suppose.

Last Sunday was “Sister Christmas” at Brian’s. All of his mom’s sisters came into town for a Christmas lunch and to exchange gifts. We had so much fun! This is his niece- is she not TOO cute?


Last Monday, Brian’s family had a New Years Eve get together. We had a ton of food, friends, firewords, and fun! What a great way to ring in the New Year.


Last Tuesday-Friday, I attended Passion 2013. It. Was. Awe. Some. The Lord really spoke to me in handful of ways, and His name was praised for four days straight. Beth Moore and Francis Chan are always a my favorite, and this year Judah Smith was a close third. So much truth was spoken, and so much encouragement was given. There’s nothing quite like 60,000 college students and adults worshipping the same God ALL at one time in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Ga. The whole dome was seriously shaking from all of the sound and movement. It was insane! Read more about our conference here: http://268generation.com/passion2013/about/story/



It’s hard to grab words to describe the whole week. Our God is so good, yall.

photoGotta love a good roadtrip on a church bus.


Elizabeth- love this girl!


Atlanta is beautiful at night!


Isn’t he handsome?!


Brian and I had a dinner date.. On the floor.. With thousands of other people around. Oh the joy of Passion! ;)


We finally made it to the dome! After driving four hours, we were POOPED.




We had a mini photoshoot around the park on the way home from the hotel, just because the lights were too pretty to miss!


“Holy Holy Holy, is the Lord God Almighty”


Friday was our “seven months” a-versary. SO thankful to have this man! The past seven months have been SO sweet! I’m so blessed!!


Hannah and I (the two middle) got to reunite with Nichole and Hannah! (the two on the outside) They were my coworkers in Valdosta at the daycare. We haven’t seen them since May 2012!


Does she need an introduction? No. KARI JOBE, yall!


I haven’t seen my best from Cumming, GA (where used to live before I took the big move to Thomasville, GA) since June 2011. TOO long! Love Nicole so much!


Googie Burger was off the chaaaiiiiin.


I haven’t seen these two since I left Cumming, GA. Which was my junior year, so it was 2010. HOLY SMOKES. Almost three years. It was such a joy to reunite with them at Passion! So thankful for their friendship!

Passion 2013 was incredible, and I am so thankful I got the opportunity to go. So many reunions with old friends, as well as good times with current friends and my man.

On Saturday, to welcome us home from the dome, back to our little southern town we love so much, we shot skeet all day with friends! It was so much fun, and I finally learned how to shoot them right! Success!



This week, I started Cosmetology school! And…. I LOVE IT!

Since 9th grade, I have always wanted to become a Cosmetologist. I got sidetracked for a year or so, and thought I wanted to teach. Irrrrrrk- nope. After working at a daycare for almost a year, I decided that I absolutely love kiddos, but I couldn’t have the patience required daily to teach them. I just like to play with them! I ended up quitting VSU, working full time for a summer+fall semester, and voila! I am not a Cosmetology student as of Monday! HOLLLLA!

I’ll graduate by December. This semester will be slammed FULL of theory and practical work, but the end of May is when I finally start to have live clients. Need a stylist? Come see me!! ;)

I’m finally loving what I do. It’s the best feeling in the whole world. I am SO anxious to get my licenses and start my journey in a salon! Prayers appreciated! Being a full time student and working straight after school until 8 every night, and on Fridays 8-8, is TOUGH yall.

I am so thankful the Lord lifts me up daily, hourly even. If I didn’t have His guidence and comfort in my life, I’d be deaaaad.

Hope you all had a great week!

Until next time,

Chelsie. :)

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