High Five for Friday!

Okay. I’m starting to notice since I’ve been in school, I have to scrounge up pictures for this High Five for Friday deal. Before I started school, when I was working full-time, I had a hard time deciding which ones to use because I was having so much fun every night! …. hashtag bummed



1. On Saturday night, some friends, Elizabeth and Ryan, and Brian and I went down to Tallahassee for dinner! We ate Genghis Grill. We haven’t been there in a while, and after eating it again Saturday, who the heck knows why not? Tasty! Afterwards, we went to the mall to hit up Forever 21 and the Loft. GREAT deals! I love when the Loft has sales up to 60%. I racked up and got some great stuff! Afterwards, Elizabeth and Ryan were craving Krispy Kreme. The “hot sign” was on. They grabbed a dozen to share and then we stopped by The Crepevine for a dessert for Brian and I to share. We had such a fun night spending time all together as friends! So thankful!


2. This is one of my steals from Saturday at the Loft! I got this cardigan and a skirt all for TWENTY-FOUR DOLLARS! Holy cow! 


3. Sunday afternoon after church, I spent the day in my room watching Netflix and doing homework. The life, right? And to celebrate for “Popcorn Day”  that was listed for Saturday in my Vera Bradley planner, I decided to pop some Kettle Corn for snack. I cleaned my room up, did my laundry.. It was a nice afternoon before heading to night church!


4. On Monday, I decided I will never own a truck. Too big. Too much hassle. Not that I ever really wanted one, but whatevs.. While he was servicing my little car,Ryan let me borrow his truck to go grab some lunch. Thankful for his willingness to let me- but Lord have mercy! Never. Again. Sorry fellas who think that it’s hot for a woman to drive a truck- guess I’m not cho woman. ;)


5. I love nights with my man! On Tuesday night, we rode around town for awhile just because. We laughed, we talked, we played. It was a nice quick little night. We were happy at least to do something besides sit in my room, watching tv and studying/doing homework. We were out of my house! That’s a rare thing these days. Haha so thankful he helps me out with studying, though! He’s a good’un. ;)

Happy Friday, lovelys!

Until next time,

Chelsie. :)


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