It’s your lucky day! I’m bored, and I found this kind of cool survey thing. Which means all of you readers get to read it! (hince lucky day) Enjoy!

A – Available or Married?
Well, not available by any means. But I ain’ got a ring on it, either!

B – Book?
My Cosmetology textbooks, of course.

C – Cake or Pie?
Are cupcakes an option?

D – Drink of Choice?
Good ole sweeeet tea.

E – Essential Item?
My faith.

F – Favorite Color?

G – Game to Play or Watch?
I like watchin’ me some Bravos! (Atlanta Braves)

H – Hometown?
I moved so many times growing up, I don’t know how to answer this question. I’d say Cumming, Georgia. I did most of my growing up there.

I – Indulgence?
I love Butter Pecan ice cream! …I’m drooling while typing this just thinking about it.. Even though I just gobbled up a free cup of Baskin Robbins kind. Three cheers for fillin’ out a survey for a free scoop!

J – Job?
Front desk receptionist at Thomasville Toyota, I work in the office there too, not to mention the service receptionist on Saturdays, as well. Basically, I’m a Thomasville Toyota slave.. That gets paid..

K – Kids and Names?
Nonezo. Not for a good while. Please and thankyou.

L – Life is Incomplete Without?
Meeer. Probably my Jesus, my man, my family, my friends, and a good  How I Met Your Mother episode.

M – Music Group or Singer?
Oh Lawwwd. Can I just list a genre? Or two? It’s a proven fact that I can’t decide anything. Seriously.

N – Number of Siblings?
I have the cutest stepsister, Chelsea. And I have a brother. But he ain’t that cute.

O – Oranges or Apples?

P – Phobias or Fears?
Frogs. I hate ’em.

Q – Favorite Quote?
“If you’re going to put faith in something, then it better shape who you are and what people see in you.” -Hayley Williams (Paramore)

R – Reason to Smile?
My man is the best in the whole wide world. Swooooon.

S – Season?
Fall, for sure.

T – Tattoo?
I don’t have one. Wanna hear my theory? If I still want one after I’m married, then that is when I will get one.

U – Unknown Fact About You?
I’m currently catching up on watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I’m so ashamed. But, I’m so roped in. Judge away…

V – Vegetable You Love?
I love carrots.

W – Worst Habit?
Biting my nails. Just when I think I’ve kicked it, I’m back at it again.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had?
I had an MRI on my wrist once. I messed it up in cheerleading in seventh grade. Killed my dream at ever becoming a high school cheerleader. I was pretty ticked.

Y – Your Favorite Food?
CHICKFILA. Every day. Or Brian’s mama’s potato salad. I could eat helping after helping of that stuff. Deeeelish.

Z – Zodiac?
Taurus. But then again, I don’t care.


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