wan·der·lust: A strong desire to travel.

Lately, my little adventurous soul just wants to explore. Explore in all kinds of ways. Explore little areas, explore close by, explore far away. Just adventure and explore.

Pinterest and different blogs that I visit and follow make my heart just soar into another atmosphere. So much inspiration, so little time, so little budget.

I am tired of doing the same ole, same ole. I want to find myself camping by a pond, enjoying the heat of a bonfire, my boy’s workin hands in mine, and company of a couple good friends. I want to find myself in my convertible, traveling to the coast of Savannah, just to explore and walk around River Street. I want to find myself at the other part of the coast, in Florida, at the beach. I want to find myself in a quaint little cabin in the mountains, wrapped up snug in a blanket, enjoying the chill in the air.

Are these things so much to ask for? ;)

Probably so.

Coming to you from little Thomasville, Georgia, inside the little box of my Cosmetology classroom..



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