Sunday Sunshine.

Yesterday, Sunday, my favorite day.

Lately, a typical Sunday would be: Waking up, going to church, eating lunch with Brian and his family, and the rest of the afternoon involves doing homework and cleaning my room/doing laundry until night church/dinner out with friends.

Yesterday’s Sunday, not all of this was true. PTL!


(sidenote:) I’m house/dog sitting once again for the most of the week at Brian’s sister’s place. I’m in total heaven!! Brian and I love playing house (well, playing house until 10:30 pm or so. Hehe) We get to cook, bake, watch TV in the living room without his dad or my stepdad controling the channels, we get a cool Boxer pup as our side kick.. We’re living the dream, really!

Back to business: I especially enjoyed church yesterday morning! It was all about marriage and what it takes to make a marriage really last, and how to fulfill your wifely/hubsly duties as a Godly spouse. It was super exciting, even though I am not married, it makes me hope for the future and I pray that I’ll be that “Proverbs 31 Wife” [things Christian girls say..HAH!] After eating a delicious lunch with B and his family yesterday, we went grocery shopping to buy baking supplies, went back to the house I’m house sitting, and took a mini photoshoot on their front steps. We didn’t expect to get my new favorite picture out of it! But, it was too nice outside not to take a picture! (see shot above) We returned inside, watched some Gossip Girl (my guilty pleasure, and I kinda think he isn’t absolutely hating watching it, either, heh!), I dropped him back off at church for band practice, and my sweet (ex) roomie Courtney stopped by! We ate some baked treats I made, and caught each other up on our lives. When she left, it was about church time. I hopped in the ‘vertible, and flew to church. May I just say: My church knows just how to do a contemporary service! I am so thankful for the new contemporary service addition to Sunday nights. I have missed my old churches, Browns Bridge and North Lanier, ever since I moved to Thomasville. This isn’t at all close in size, but my man and the Encounter Band can throw down! And our preacher, Pastor Marty, rocks! I am so thankful for the night service, Encounter. It truely is my favorite part of the week. After church, we all met up with friends and enjoyed some Zaxby’s with our two favorite couples, Ryan and Meredith, and Brooks and Amy! Brian and I couldn’t be any more blessed to have them to do life with.

All in all, it was a nice, sunny Sunday! I am so giddy in love, and my heart is so full of blessings. The Lord is good. My man is good. My friends are the best. I have the best Mama out there. (more to come on her, next post- get ready!)

I hope the rest of the week turns out to be just as great as this weekend was!

And, I hope everyone else enjoys their week as well. Don’t let Monday getch’yall in the pits. Heh!

Until next time,

Chelsie. :)


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