Here’s to Gratitude.

“Here’s to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.” I follow along with a blog,, and they often write posts showing their gratitude for things occurring in their life, and how when they notice the little things (or the big things) and show their thankfulness for the circumstances, it helps you to be grateful and more positive. I’ve been inspired, and I believe with all of my heart that a thankful heart does the soul some good, and it brings you to a more positive mindset..

1. Today has been a mighty hectic, abnormal day.

This morning I woke up, and proceeded to get ready as usual. Still in my pajamas, wet hair from the shower I had just stepped foot out of, I walked down the hallway to put my pants into the dryer to make them warm before getting dressed and going to school. As soon as I turned the corner in our hallway to go to the laundry area, my stepdad, Jason, FLEW up to me and met me in the middle of the hallway. “You’re mom’s been in an awful accident, flipped her 4-Runner, and I’ve GOT TO GO!” I was speechless. I didn’t know what was going on, we didn’t know my mom’s state of being, we just knew that SHE, yes she, had called him to let him know a little of what had happened. Of course, she was bawling, so it was hard to understand the words coming out of her mouth. Jason was in panic mode, and he left speedy quick. There I was, home alone, not knowing what was going to be the outcome. I panicked. Brian was at Bible study, but I called him anyway to let him know the tidbit of information I knew. I asked for the group of guys to pray for my mama, because at this point I knew she needed all of the prayer she could get. I get a call a little later, saying that my mama was being taken to the ER by ambulance, but she was going to be okay. I had never been more grateful to hear those words. Her CT scan came back negative, her x-rays came back negative.. She had two stiches in her elbow, and one in her leg. Her forehead was a little scratched, she was a little sore, but other than that, she was okay. My panic turned to thankfulness immediately, and of course relief took its toll. God was with my mama, and held her so tightly this morning. Saying that.. Let me give you the details: She had just dropped my brother off at school. She had just left a school zone, had just enough time to reach full speed of 55-60 mph and she was on her way to get some gas at the gas station not even a mile down the road from where the accident occurred. She came up on an intersection, and a lady proceeded to pull on out in front of her. The lady wasn’t looking, wasn’t paying attention. Thank God my mom was. She swerved to miss her, so she wouldn’t T-bone her. As she swerved to miss her, the lady ended up hitting her, making my mom spin and then flip twice. My mom’s words to me later on today, “I knew I had spun, flipped, and the next thing I knew the cement was near my face!” The lady and her two children in the other vehicle were fine, with no injuries. My mom, the Lord only knows how, made it out alive, with minor injuries. Here is her, now totaled at a little over a year old, 4-Runner:photo
The only words I could muster up to say after I saw the picture were, “Thank God.”
I’m so thankful the Lord was with my mom today. After the accident, a lady that had witnessed the whole thing had pulled over, and helped get my screaming mama out of the vehicle. She held her, calming her down and helping her hold her wounds so she wouldn’t loose too much blood, etc. Mom calls her “her guardian angel.” The Lord is so mighty, so BIG yall! And I’m so so thankful for His hand on things.

2. The accident leads me to the realization of my next thing I’m most thankful for. At the ER, our pastor as well as our “first generations” pastor from our church, First Baptist Church here in Thomasville, came to sit and pray with my stepdad just to make sure every one was alright and to show they care. Those are two wonderful men of God! Each Sunday, I am so blessed to be a part of First Baptist Church, and our faith family is just outstanding. I invite anyone who’s reading along, to join us every Sunday for our new Encounter worship! We meet in the fellowship hall for contemporary style worship. My man rocks the drums, and my future brother-in-law jams real hard on the guitar! Along with some of our other friends. This new contemporary worship service for our church has been such a blessing to my family, and we are thrilled to be a part of it! If you’d like, join us at 8:30 or 9:45am! Our pastor is off the chain, the music is phenomenal… You won’t regret it!

3. I’m so grateful for my sweet, kind hearted, loving fiancé, Brian. He takes care of me so well, and he loves me just like Jesus does. He’s so forgiving, and he’s so patient with me. Today makes only 8 weeks, four days until he’s my hubs! And I can hardly stand the wait. Two months from yesterday, I’ll be walking down the aisle, headed his way, in my lacy wedding gown, surrounded by loved ones and sweet friends, getting ready to say, “I do,” making a strong commitment to love one another for forever. How did I get so lucky to get someone like him for the rest of my whole dog-gone life?!  I don’t know. Here’s a picture of us from our Five Guys Burgers and Fries/ “first home” shopping date on this past Sunday! Look at how handsome that fella is! Woooo weee!


4. Speaking of our new home, we have been working our little tails off trying to get it ready for Brian to move in! And then for me to join him after our October 26th wedding date. Our home is absolutely precious, and I am so so so excited I could burst at the seams! It is the perfect starter home. It’s a tiny yellow box, and I couldn’t be more happy with how small it is! That means I get to be closer to my man! (I’m not so sure he feels the same way, hehe!)

We received the keys, and we were jumping for joy! This is one of the first steps we took as an officially engaged couple. It was so exciting!!!!! We had Waffle House to celebrate the madness, being that it’s less than two miles away now. (We’ve betted on how many times we’ll swing in for breakfast late at night when we get a craving… Can’t wait to be roomies officially so we can start living the bet out!)


We’ve almost finished painting the walls, and now we’re working on making it just as cozy as can be! I’m so thankful for my parents (more so my mom), his parents, his brother-in-law Reid, as well as our friends Amy and Meredith for helping us make it a home that we are so proud of already. Between painting, purchasing new furniture, home decor shopping, hand-me-down furniture, etc. they’ve all been such a sweet help! Here’s a picture after a week-long paint sesh:

photo2The battle was ON between Future Mrs. and Mr. during the first nights of painting. Since then, it’s been fun games! (I use that term “fun” lightly. I mean really, who loves taping the ceiling off to paint and going back over spots we’ve missed? Not us!)
But really.. We’re taking it all in, and I’m trying not to take anything that’s happening in the “now” for granted! One day, we’ll look back and giggle (maybe even miss) the days where we had no seating available so the floor was all we could relax on, where our rooms had NO furniture, where we were stealing kisses between painting each wall, etc. This time we’re in now has been so much fun! I’ve loved every minute!

 So… “Here’s to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.”
My heart is just overflowing with thankfulness! There’s so much to be grateful for!!

(as well as hey, here’s an update on my life as of lately)

Have a good week, friends! :)



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