Oh, my heart.

Dear kiddos,

Please realize that there’s more to life than getting your friends to rate you from 1-10 on Facebook. You’re prettier and more handsome than a number could ever rate you.

Please realize that there is more to life than “TBH” (to be honest) posts on Facebook. The truth is, we should always be honest, and if you are saying hurtful things to each other, that isn’t going to help anyone journey through this life any easier. Please realize that you have the power to break or make someone’s day, and that “TBH” post could do some serious damage to someone.

Please realize that there’s more to life than posting a “selfie” to get as many likes as possible. You are beautiful, and made in the image of God. You don’t need the most popular girl or guy to comment or like your picture. You’re worth more than that. I promise.

Please realize that doing the stupid things that your friends do won’t get you anywhere in life, and you’ll only regret it later. I guarantee you.

Please realize that sex before marriage will only be heartbreaking for you now, and in the future. Save yourselves, and guard your heart.

Please realize that you are loved. By God. So much. And I can assure you that His love will bring you more joy than your girlfriend or boyfriend of a couple weeks.

You guys are breaking my heart daily as I scroll through Facebook. You all are on my heart this afternoon, and I’m praying for our generation.

I just want to encourage you all to be different. Be that weird, different, loser kid now. I promise it’ll pay off later on.

Besides, being different is hip. Jump on that train.

Until next time,



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