About the Girl Behind the Screen


I live in the sweet, mostly country little town of Thomasville, GA. I’m 19 years young, and I cannot wait to “grow up”- whatever that means, ya feel me? I’m a small girl with a big heart. I love rustic, simple things. In less than a year, I will have graduated and I will be on my way to becoming a Cosmetologist! That doesn’t seem like real life. My newly-found hobby is thrifting- it’s a carefree thing to do, while not spending much money. You’ll see some of my finds here and there on my blog, along with notes from my heart and life stories with my hunk of a man. God has truly blessed my socks off with an amazing man, and we have a neat story of how we came together. My boyfriend is off the chaiiiiin, ya’ll.

(don't cha just wanna squeeze him? hehe)

The Lord has done so many things in my life,  and taken me on many wild rides, but it’s all made me much stronger in my faith. The fact that He’s taken me from where I once was to where I am now, is mind blowing every day. My prayer is that my life brings glory to Him constantly. I can’t wait to see where God takes me next, and I’m here to blog and keep you updated on how He does it. Enjoy, little friendlies. :)


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