1. Disciple Now 2013 last weekend was wonderful. God showed up for real, and I was so blessed by every one I spent my time with over the whole weekend. I’m going to be honest. I went in the weekend, sort of bummed that I wouldn’t have enough time to just relax. For a full […]

It’s your lucky day! I’m bored, and I found this kind of cool survey thing. Which means all of you readers get to read it! (hince lucky day) Enjoy! A – Available or Married? Well, not available by any means. But I ain’ got a ring on it, either! B – Book? My Cosmetology textbooks, […]

Okay. I’m starting to notice since I’ve been in school, I have to scrounge up pictures for this High Five for Friday deal. Before I started school, when I was working full-time, I had a hard time deciding which ones to use because I was having so much fun every night! …. hashtag bummed Anyway.. […]

This morning, right now, while studying, I sit in a local coffee shop, Grassroots. I have peace about my test in a couple of hours, and I have all of my work complete for class at 1:30. Is this real life? I am prepared for class? Who knew that was possible! Time after time over […]

This week has been packed full of studying! Yall, Cosmetology classes are not as easy as some of you may think- bookwork, tests, quizzes galore. I’m learning so much, and I am so thankful for this opportunity to be in a program that I LOVE! This week hasn’t necessarily been as much fun as normal, […]

These past couple of weeks have been slammed, in a good way I suppose. Last Sunday was “Sister Christmas” at Brian’s. All of his mom’s sisters came into town for a Christmas lunch and to exchange gifts. We had so much fun! This is his niece- is she not TOO cute? Last Monday,┬áBrian’s family had […]

Camping Trip for the Books, Yall. This past Friday, I had this grand idea to go camping. I immediately mass texted Elizabeth, Brian, Ryan and Adam for their opinions, since they would be joining in, of course. I got all thumbs up. We met up for dinner before we journeyed out. At dinner, Brian and […]