Here’s to a new start.

So. I’ve been in college all of two, going on three, weeks. God’s already moving. BIG time. As we expect Him to. He’s always up to something!

This summer, before college started, right after I graduated.. I started becoming someone who I’m not familiar with, nor is anyone else. I got mixed up with things that I’ve known from the start weren’t okay. I wasn’t going to church as often as I used to, because I had other plans that I was putting first, which included people I put first. I started out the summer strong- working and helping out with Vacation Bible School. My heart was on fire for God, and for all of these precious beautiful 5th grade kiddies! Their hearts were so loving, and they were all so inspiring to me and to my walk in my faith. The next week, it all literally went downhill from there. The Devil was out doing his dirty work. He must’ve noticed my passion and fire, because he was sucking me down, way down. Without me having the slightest clue. I was talking to a boy I knew wasn’t good for me, I ignored it. My parents noticed a difference in me. My friends noticed, as well. Some people told me they were worried for me- I didn’t know why. The rest of the people were too scared to tell me- they didn’t want it to be awkward. So here I am, looking like a fool.. In denial and in an awful situation. Finally, the boy I was talking to stopped talking to me. Was I upset? Nope. Was I confused on why? Yep. (Since he didn’t bother to tell me we weren’t “talking” anymore) But ya know what? God was up to something SO dang incredible already. Better than I could even imagine. In the end, I could care less about that boy or the reason. I was just ready to be myself again, and chuck up the deuces on the devil and his dirty work. That wasn’t me! Who in the world was I? Why in the world did I let the devil wrap me around his nasty finger? That wasn’t okay with me. Here’s to a new start..

I took a look at myself. My REAL self. I started going to church again. Hanging around the right friends again. Doing the right things again. And it was already starting to fill me with pure happiness and joy!

I started college. The second day of college, my friend Hannah told me about BCM (Baptist College Ministries). We went to their worship night that night. The message? Directed RIGHT towards me. Jeff spoke about a fork in the road of life. One way, was God’s way or “plan”. The other way was your own plan. That night, I just surrendered my all to God. I told Him to have His way with me. I was completely His again. And I repented. Again. He instantly filled me with this overwhelming joy, and even two weeks later it’s still raging in me. It’s God. The joy is completely God. He’s filled me up with Himself all over again. I’ve given Him control over everything again, and it feels so dang good! I never want to turn down the wrong path again. And I pray that I stay guarded and that I won’t! I just won’t allow it.

On top of this complete 360 degree spin God twisted my life in, He’s blessed the socks off of me since college started! He’s given me the sweetest, loving, Christian friends anyone could ever ask for! He gave me them almost immediately after I was feeling anxious about not having any friends in college. It is insane how quickly He can move! They’ve even told me recently that I was their answered prayer. What?! Get out! That just confirms that God IS working. Not only just in me! But in everyone around me, too! He is so powerful.

To say the least, I cannot wait to see how God uses me this year. Not only me, but how He uses EVERYone this year. And for the years to come. I can’t wait to see who I end up rooming with. Who I end up marrying. What God wants me to do after college. What He wants me to do even before I’m done with college. I just am so thrilled to see all of it happen, Lord willing! His plan is the greatest. My plans are just filthy rags compared to His ultimate plan. He knows best. And I’m speaking from experience!

I was on Twitter (of course) today, and I saw these three Tweets:

“God takes our Brokenness and turns it to Beauty…in HIS timing. Be Strong.” – @karijobe

“I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out…plans not to abandon you…but plans to give you the future you hope for. Jer29.11.MSG” – @NatalieGrant

“Every season of life that God ordains is for His glory: to display His grace in my happiness or to display His strength in my weakness.” – @danspencer7

If that’s not confirmation, I don’t know what the heck is! I was broken and lost.. He’s turning it into something beautiful in His timing. I’m learning that being broken helped me become stronger once I strayed back onto God’s pathway. I am much more confident in Jesus, and ready to serve and live a passionate life for Him again! The Jeremiah 29:11 verse- need I say more? That verse is just an awesome verse. He never abandoned me. I abandoned Him. It was all in His plan- I’m now closer than ever. And pastor’s Tweet.. SO true. I’ve been through so many seasons. It’s all for His glory. I’m writing this blog, in hopes to encourage yall. And to show you His glory, and to show you how excited I am about Him and how he works miracles in marvelous ways!!

I am praying that if you read this, and you’re where I was over the summer, that it encourages you to run full force to God and surrender your life and your plans to Him. Start all over again. He forgives. His love is everlasting for each and every one of us. His arms are open and willing to wrap you up in them. He never wants to leave you. He also, in return, doesn’t want us leaving Him. I learned not to ever leave His side. It just turns out yucky. It’s no good. I hope that I encouraged all of you. Like I said, it’s my prayer.

God bless all of yall!



  1. Florencia · · Reply

    I really liked your post! It’s great to know that you has returned to God’s way. He already has a plan for us, but our main aim should be to get to know The Lord’s heart and what he expects from us. I hope you keep doing it well and God bless you.

    “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”
    1 Peter 2:9

    1. Thanks so much girl!! Love that verse! :)

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